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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

  1. What is PZ?

    Contrary to popular belief, P is actually the greek letter for Rho and Z is the greek letter for Zeta. Those two greek letters together make up our chapter name, Rho Zeta.

  2. If I'm interested, should I go to Rho Zeta events?

    YES! We are a small chapter, so we need all the support that we can get-whether you are interested in being an AKA, interested in greek life, or just think the program sounds interesting. Going to a Rho Zeta event is not binding in any way. Furthermore, if you are interested in being an AKA, going to events is the best way to show interest. Think about it-how can you join a chapter if you never support the members of the chapter by going to their programs?

  3. How do I show interest?

    The best way to show interest is to go to Rho Zeta events and programs. Go to the interest meeting if our chapter has one that semester as well. Unlike larger schools, Rho Zeta is a small chapter so it is important that we know who is interested so that we can know whether or not we should conduct rush. If you are comfortable with a member of the chapter, you can also express interest to them on an individual basis.  

  4. Do I have to be light skinned or stuck up to join?

    NO! Alpha Kappa Alpha believes that all women, black/white/latino/asian/other, have excellent qualities to offer and we do not discriminate based on skin complexion. Furthermore, Alpha Kappa Alpha does not promote or support being stuck up or conceited. Being "light skinned and snobby" is a negative and untrue stereotype placed on members of the organization and it is important to remember that stereotypes are untrue generalizations.

  5. Will I be hazed if I join?

    All existing and prospective members have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. Hazing has been prohibited in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority since the organization was founded in 1908. In 1999, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority reaffirmed its total opposition to hazing with the publication of a tougher anti-hazing policy and the implementation of new procedures to identify, investigate and punish incidents. Hazing will not be tolerated in any form.

    -taken from our national website:

  6. What's the difference between rush and an interest meeting?

    An interest meeting is informal and it is not binding in any way. You are highly encouraged to do research before deciding to join any organization, and the interest meeting is a good way to do some of that research. At an interest meeting, members of Rho Zeta serve refreshments, give attendees a little chapter history, and allow those with questions to ask anything that they wish. While rush is not officially binding, you should definitely have your mind made up that you would like to be an AKA before attending. Flyers for rush are posted 2 weeks before the event and attendees need to have their paperwork and application filled out before the start of the meeting. Anyone who wishes to be admitted into the sorority has to attend rush, while it is not required to go to an interest meeting.

  7. If I have below a 2.3, can I still join?

    Unfortunately, the 2.3 GPA (C+ at Furman) is a requirement as opposed to a recommendation. If you do not have at least a 2.3, both the semester before rush and overall, you will not be offered membership at the upcoming rush. However, every semester is an opportunity to raise your grades and Furman University offers free tutoring so take full advantage of your resources so that we may see you at the next rush.

  8. Can freshmen rush?

    Yes, freshmen can become members of Alpha Kappa Alpha as long as they have the GPA requirement. With that being said, if rush is in the Fall, freshman cannot rush because they do not have a GPA since they are just entering college. However, if rush is in the Spring of your freshman year, you can rush as long as you meet the basic requirements (2.3 GPA, full load the previous semester, etc.)


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